Acorn Steam, Lipski’s chandelier in the form of three valley oak trees joined together, graces Sacramento Airport’s new terminal.  Again, Lipski worked with Jonquil LeMaster, the world’s foremost tree fabricator.  She has worked with Lipski on the piece at Grand Central Terminal and several other works.



April 15, 2010

Reno RTC Bus Terminal

The piece is up!  It is a 1962 GMC “fishbowl” transit bus; We’ve cut it up and put it back together to taper to the back.  It’s called “Jackson”–one of the names on the front crawl that came with the bus!  The amazing fabrication was done by JunoWorks of Denver, Colorado.

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Project Update

April 15, 2010

Houston Waterworks

Homeland Security has ruled that the new Houston Waterworks should not b open to the public.  So putting my fountain TUBBS! there would be like the tree falling in the forest.  The Houston Arts Alliance is committed to building the piece, and is actively searching for a new site.  There is much about this that is good news, and I expect to find a great site.


August 27, 2007

book-handle.jpgCheck out the interview of me by Leslie Kaufman in the November issue of SCULPTURE MAGAZINE.  You’ll see a sculpture by my friend Bill King on the cover.  We play violin together in the summers.